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Business Protection

With our expertise we can make sure your business will not suffer in the event of an unexpected death.

If you are partner in a partnership, a director in a company or a business owner who has key personnel working for them, we are here to give you information and the right advice!

Partnership Insurance - what would happen to the partnership you are in if one of the partners dies?

Co-Director Insurance - if a director of your company dies, does your company have enough money to buy back the deceased director's shares from the beneficiary of their estate?

Keyperson Insurance - you insure your plant, premises, machinery etc but have you a key person responsible for running your business? Key people in your business are your biggest asset therefore it makes sense that you have cover on these key people.



Pension Schemes

We can advise you on the different pension offerings available to you and your employees, group life cover and or group income protection. 

As a company owner or director you have the option of starting one of the following pensions:

  • PRSA

  • Personal pension (also known as a retirement annuity contract) or 

  • Company pension plan (also known as an occupational pension, executive pension plan or a self administered pension)

Employers are also required by law to offer their employees access to a Personal Retirement Savings account (PRSA) however, the employer does not have to contribute.

Offering a more comprehensive benefits package can have a lot of advantages to you and your business. 


We can help you decide what is best for your business and your employees.

We employed Flanagan Ford O’Neill as advisors to our staff pension scheme some years ago.  We have found their advice and service to be of a very high and professional standard.  The service they provide is exceptional and they are always on hand to deal effectively with any pension or life assurance queries our staff and management would have.

- Gerard Sproule, Lotus Works

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